Guide is design to be easy to use and simple to access, so we do not require login, we do not save users information. New tables are created with a “complicated” URL so it is not accessible to anyone not knowing the URL. However you will need to explicitly save the URL.

Starting new table create an empty table and transferring you to the table manager page. The first section present two URLs, one for the manager and one for users. Copy it, bookmark it, send it to yourself via email. if the URL is forgotten you may loose the table. The site will place these URL in your browser cookies, but don’t trust this as cookies may be cleared unexpectedly.

Manager can set the table Title and Description, the number of columns and column titles.

Manager can start entering content to the table. cells written by the manager are un-editable in the user view.

When done creating the table, send the Table link (not the Manager link) to users. Users can edit the content of the table freely. Any user editing is immediately visible by all users editing the table, so multiple users can access the table with no conflicts.